Aspen- flashy, spendy and generous

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In the 19th century the silver mines brought a lot of money to Aspen. Nowadays tourism plays the musique, mainly in the winter when all the skiers are looking for the famous champagne powder or round the year many artlovers meeting at a vernissage. More than 20 galleries, an opera house and now the newly opened Aspen Art Museum, quite extraordinary for this little town in the middle of Colorado. But the beginning of Aspen as destination was favorable for art, the founders loved the Avantgarde and asked 1947 Herbert Bayer, an architect from the Bauhaus, to design the future resort of Aspen Skiing Company.

Das neue Museum in Aspen ist ein Hingucker und passt perfekt in die Landschaft der Aspen Highland
the new Museum is an eyecatcher, the very special facade adjusts nicely  into the landscape of Aspen Highlands.

Aspen Art Museum  Last August the new Aspen Art Museum opened his doors.  Now situated in the center everybody is very proud of the new attraction that will bring even more visitors.  The “powerhouse – director” Heidi Zuckerman was fighting acht years for the museum achieving that the costs of 45 millions $ came out of private donations. Designed by japanese architect Shigeru Ban who won 2014 the prestigious Pritzker Prize for architecture.  His building is an eyecatcher although the facade remembers of a basket being covered with wood strips. As well a coffeeshop and a sculpture park on the rooftop is quite outstanding and will be an attraction on his own.  For the grand opening paintings of the famous Yves Klein and David Hammons were shown, in the vey moment you can see the american Lutz Bacher who had in 2013 an exhibition in Frankfurt and in the Zürcher Kunsthalle.  657 East Hyman Avenue, Tel. 0970 925 8050. Open Tue  – Sun  at 10am – 8 pm. Free admission.

The exhibition of Yves Klein and his famous blue paintings at the Aspen Art Museum.
The exhibition of Yves Klein and his famous blue paintings at the Aspen Art Museum.

Baldwin Gallery  Founded 1994 by Richards Edwards and his friend Harley Baldwin, an social entrepreneur based  in Aspen.  After his death in 2005  Edwards went on with the presentation of art and  now being one of leading galleries for international contemporary art  in US.  Located in the listed Brand Building from the late 19th century the Baldwin  Gallery shows artists like world known  Gilbert& George, Eric Fischl, James Turtle or David Salle. Many clients are from New York and the east coast, spending the holidays in their Aspen homes. In the Collins Building next door you find the Caribou Club, for members only, where friends and business partners of the Baldwin Gallery meet for exchange of ideas and for sure, to party. 209 S Galena St, Tel 0970 920 9797.  Open  Mo – Sat 10am – 6 pm, Sun 12 – 5pm.

Ende des 19.Jahrhunderts gebaut, gehört das Brand Building zu den historischen Gebäuden in Aspen
Built end of 19th century, the Brand Building is a listed house in Aspen.

Valley Fine Art  The gallery of Mia Valley is specialised in fascinating american paintings and historical photos. Her experience of 20 years makes the visit more than worthy and you should see the vintage work of Edward S. Curtis from the beginning of the 20th century.  His photos mostly are showing Indians in their traditional outfits, the expression in their faces is so proud but relaxed. Quite interesting as well are the prints of Andy Warhol in western themes like the one of  John Wayne. 213 S Mill St, Tel 0970 920 9193. Open Mo – Fr 11am – 8pm

Der Ausstrahlung der Fotos von Edward S Curtis kann sich kaum entziehen.
All the photos of Edward S. Curtis are showing an amazing atmosphere.

 Drasner Gallery The former model, then photographer and owner of gallery, Lora Drasner, is showing the  international artists Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, David LaChapelle or Jasper Johns. 520 E Hyman Av. Tel. 0970 920 3500.

Art in unexpected places  It makes Aspen so special that you can see pieces of art at quite unexpected places. Like the photos of Walter Niedermayr from South Tyrol and his “Aspen Series” in the rooms  and in the lobby of the Hotel Little Nell, in the Lounge of the Hotel Limelight, in different mountain restaurants. But the very best, every year you see a different photo on the seasonal ski tickets.

das sind, mit Computertechnik veränderte Photos, eine Herausforderung an den Betrachter.
one of the wonderful photos of Walter Niedermayr.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center 10 miles away from Aspen, in Snowmass Village, the Anderson Ranch Arts Center is located in an old farmhouse with eight studios in different buildings. Everybody is invited to practise art and in 2014 there had been 145 workshops, around 5000 people participate in courses or visiting the Arts Center. 5263 Owl Creek Rd, Tel. 0970 923 3181.

So schön kann Skifahren sein.
Wonderful Skiing!

Skifahren  Aspen is famous for the champagne powder und the very best you can find in the Highland Bowl in the Aspen Highlands. Different “gates” are leading to different grades of difficulties, so the rather steep G- zones is meeting point for experienced skiers. Once a week the freeriders get a free shuttle on a snowcat to the edge of the Highland Bowl by ski guides. Then you have to walk another 45 minutes to end up in the dream of champagne powder.  Aspen Mountain as well has to offer exciting downhills,  whereas normal skiers enjoy the mountains of Buttermilk and Snowmass.

Aspen - ein Schrein für Elvis

Shrines in Aspen Mountains  Tree- Skiing in champagne powder and through aspen trees is a wonderful experience.  But you must be lucky to find the “shrines”, dedicated to world famous stars like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, die Beatles or Jimi Hendrix . Very often they are hidden under the trees, but the ski guides are more than happy to tell you where to find them.

Ski Rentals  Number One is Hamilton Sports, big choice of skis and all actual labels.  By reservation online you get a discount of 15% on the daily rate of 59$.  Just in case you left the ski suit at home or prefer a new one you will get the outfit of Lasse Kjus and Peak Performance. 520 E Durant St. Tel 0970 925 1200. Open daily  8am – 7 pm.

After Skiing 

Ajax Tavern  It is simply the hotspot of Aspen. Seen and to be seen, with nice drinks and small bites. The Bar is belonging to the Little Nell Hotel. Open 11.30 am – 10 pm. 685 E Durant Avenue, Tel 0970 920 6334.

AjaxTavern - Hotel Little Nell

39 Degrees Lounge at Sky Hotel  Famous for its contemporary design, the Bar 39 Degrees is worth a visit. Located at the bottom of Aspen Mountain, it is on the way home for nearly everybody. Nice music, local bier, tacos with tuna  and the view on the hot tub could make a good start for the evening. 709 E Durant Avenue, Tel 0970 925 6760.

In dieser Berghütte in den Apen Highlands kann man prächtig essen.
Cloud Nine bistro is famous for his wonderful lunches.

Cloud Nine Bistro  When you ski in Aspen Highlands you shouldn’t miss “Cloud Nine Bistro”, a mountain hut like in the european alps. But the menu remembers more of a french restaurant so the chef Andreas Fischbacher serves dishes as eggs with truffles or foie gras, pheasant or a “rack of lamb”. For dinner,  guests are coming up with a snowcat.  Located at the top of Cloud Nine lift. Tel. 0970 544 3063.

Where to stay? 

Hotel Jerome The Grande Dame of  Aspen is named after the founder Jerome Wheeler. The hotel was opened in 1889 and today the brick building is listed with a perfect location on Main Street. The sparkling guestlist shows the names of John Wayne, Gary Cooper or Lana Turner.  In the times of Prohibition created, the “Aspen Crud” is still a must in the legendary J-Bar. It was and still is a milkshake with Bourbon. 330 E Main Street, Tel. 0855 331 7213.

Back on the scene is the renovated Hotel Jerome
Back on the scene is the renovated Hotel Jerome

Limelight Hotel  After refreshening all the 126 rooms, the hotel still has an easy going atmosphere and ideal for skiers getting a free shuttle to all mountains.  After skiing the crowd meets at open fire in the lobby and enjoying the best Pizza in town. Most of the rooms have a kitchen with fridge and microwave. 355 S Monarch St. Tel 0970 925 3025 

Where to spend the late evening?

Nighthawks are meeting in the Escobar. Opened in january 2010 by Ryan Chadwick and Ian Perry, it is now the hotspot for the late evening.  Electronic music, black and white portraits of Pablo Escobar on the walls, nice martinis. In season and on the weekends crowds are waiting to get in. 426 E Hyman Av. Tel. 0970 414 0524.

Where to shop?  You find all luxury labels in beautiful boutiques, there is a lot of money in Aspen and loads of people who want to spend it. But much more fun is to visit the secondhand shops.

Thrift Shop of Aspen For 65 years you find this secondhand-boutique on Hopkins Avenue, only women volunteers  are working here and most of proceeds are donated to social projects of local art, education, environment or grants. In the Thrift Shop you get all the stuff from skis suits to disco outfits.  623 E Hopkins Ave. Tel. 0970 920 2376. Open Mo – Sat 10am- 6pm, Sun 10am – 3 pm.

23 Jahre war dieses Haus die Heimat von Susie's Limited.
for 23 years you could find Susie’s Limited in this romantic house.

Susie’s Limited For 24 years Susan Harvey is selling many luxury labels for men and women, as well as shoes and ski suits.  Everyone who loves jeans, here you have loads of them. 600 E Main Street, Tel. 0970 920 2376. Open Mo – Sat 10am – 6pm.

diesen Second Hand - Laden findet man in einem viktorianischen Haus.
the secondhand shop Amber’s Uptown Exchange is locates in a victorian building.

Amber’s Uptown Exchange This shop is a dream for fashion victims because of the labels Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Armani or Nieman Marcus. The bestseller though, is the winter collection of Ralph Lauren. 517 E Hopkins Ave. Tel 0970 925 9818. Open 12am – 6pm.

A bit of culture

The history of Aspen  For all who are interested in the history of the mining town in the victorian era, can get a lot of information at the Aspen Historical Society.  It could be the interior design of a living home of 19th century  or a typical farmhouse or the sparkling times in the Hotel Jerome, the Aspen Historical society is offering tours and entertaining a library with loads of videos. 620 Bleeker St.  Tel 0970 925 3721.


Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
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