Palm Springs – Focus on Mid Century Modern Architecture

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Palm Springs shows off with his past,  there is no other place in the US with such an amazing Retro Architecture and Design. This little desert town attracts a lot of visitors, everybody is eager to learn the great era of the Sixties and Seventies where all the glamour of Hollywood came to have the best party of the year.

Palm Springs begeistert mit einer hinreißenden Kulisse.
Look at the amazing scenery of Palm Springs with the San Jacinto mountains.

All the famous Hollywood people spent their weekends in the Coachella Valley with Palm Springs, Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage because it was so near to their studios  and they were asked to stay nearby just in case.  So the crowds were meeting  at the pools, the golf clubs und endless invitations to party. Some villas were just made to entertain like the  “Twin Palms Estate” of  Frank Sinatra, who was raising a flag on a palm tree to show: it is time for martinis!  There was a lot work for the post-war architects because everyone wanted a house, a nicer than the neighbour.

1946 wurde das Haus für Edgar Kaufmann von Richard Neutra gebaut.
This famous Kaufmann House was built 1946 by Richard Neutra.

Endless View  The Scenery of the Coachella Valley surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains is really overwhelming und everybody wants to enjoy the view.  So all the houses have only one floor, huge windows, several bedrooms and very important in the heat of the desert, a nice pool to cool down. The most famous House of Palm Springs belonged to Edgar Kaufmann from Pittsburgh, the owner of Kaufmann Department Store und is named the “Kaufmann House” designed 1946 by the austrian architect Richard Neutra. Another icon of architecture  “Falling Water”  near Pittsburgh belonged as well to Kaufmann and was built by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wonderful Houses in Mid Century Modern

Einfach und sehr funktional ist ein Alexander- Haus gebaut
Sleep and very functional  an  Alexander House is made

The famous Alexanders  George and Robert Alexander, Father and Son, were constructing  about 2200 Holiday homes between 1947  and 1965,  often designed by the architects William Krisel und Dan Palmer.  The Number One of an Alexander House is the Villa Vista las Palmas, where Elisabeth Taylor und Richard Burton spent their holidays. Today yon can rent it for vacation.

hier wurde ein Alexander aus Stahl gefertigt, noch leichter und preiswerter.
Hier wurde ein Alexander aus Stahl gefertigt, noch leichter und preiswerter.

The idea of the Alexander Construction Company was to offer a convenient house for some holidayweeks.  A simple structure,  straight lines, huge windows and very often it varies  only in the shape of the roof, with an entrance on the right or left side.  Normally they were built in a wooden structure only seven Alexanders were made from steel and glas, the price was unbelievable 15 000$. But those times are over and today you can make a lot of money out of these simple houses. More than 500 000 $ may be offered.

Eine Ikone des Mid Century Modern ist  "Ship of the Desert".
A Icon of  Mid Century Modern is the  “Ship of the Desert”,  designed 1937 by Wilson and Webster.

In Vista Las Palmas you find this unusual home.

In diesem Hideaway von William Krisel hat Elvis Presley 1967 seine Flitterwochen mit Priscilla verbracht.
In this Hideaway by William Krisel Elvis Presley spent his honeymoon with Priscilla 1967.


in der Bergen außerhalb von Palm Springs liegt das Haus von Albert Frey.
in the desert outside of  Palm Springs you find the House of leading architect  Albert Frey.
Nicht weniger bekannt ist das Haus von William Cody, dem Architekten aus Ohio
As well quite famous is the house von William Cody, dem Architekten aus Ohio
imposantes Foyer des Elrod Hauses, hier spielte auch James Bond in Diamantenfieber.
imposantes Foyer des Elrod Hauses, hier spielte auch James Bond in Diamantenfieber.

There is no better advertisement for the Mekka of Mid Century Architecture than the Visitors Center of Palm Springs on Highway 101.

eine Ikone des Mid Century Modern ist die ehemalige Tankstelle, heute das Visitors Center
eine Ikone des Mid Century Modern ist die ehemalige Tankstelle, heute das Visitors Center

Sunnylands Resort Mitte der 1960ziger Jahre beauftragte der Verleger Walter Annenberg den Architekten Quincy Jones mit dem Bau einer Ferienresidenz in Mid Century Modern – Stil.  Das weitläufige Anwesen in Rancho Mirage wurde zu einem Treffpunkt der Reichen und Mächtigen. Heute kann man das Haus mit einer Tour besichtigen, die Tickets gibt es nur online. 37977 Bob Hope Drive, Tel. 0760 202 2222 www.sunnylandsorg

Was für eine elegante Einrichtung im Master Bedroom des Annenberg Estate
What an elegant interior design you see in the Master Bedroom of the Annenberg Estate

In the Nowhere of Snow Creek you can find this exciting little home, now in the property of the daughter of singer Leonard Cohen.

Ein Augenfänger ist das drehbare D'Angelo-Haus in Snow Creek
It is an eyecatcher the turning D’Angelo- House in Snow Creek

Snow Creek  Some good miles away from Palm Springs, you must know the turn to Snow Creek. There is no sign, just an old wooden cross.  Only 39 homes are here, very popular for intellectuals brains  who have little interest in the society but want to enjoy the half-desert of Coachella as near as possible.

Ein verwittertes Holzkreuz ist der einzige Hinweis auf  Snow Creek
This weathered wooden cross is the only sign to Snow Creek.

Palm Springs Modern Tours  You can’t find anyone better than Robert Imber, not only his amazing knowledge of Mid Century Architecture  but as well all the nice stories about houses and owners make his tour the most enjoyable. Max. 6  people,  at  9.30 am and 1.30 pm,  85$ per person, the tour lasts 3 hours. Tel. 0760 318 6118.

App Who likes to be on his own,  there is an App Palm Springs Modern.

Modernism Week Palm Springs has only 45 000 inhabitants but surprises with so many Mid Century Modern architecture . 2015 Palm Springs wllcomes the 10th anniversary of the Modernism Week and there are more than 80 events on the recommended is the tour of the House on the Annenberg Resort in Rancho Mirage or Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate or the residence of the architect  Albert Frey.  There is as well an artfair. Feb 12-22, 2015

To live where?

klasse Design im den Fluren des Riviera Springs Hotels
what a wonderful design in the floors of the Riviera Springs Hotel

Riviera Palm Springs Hotel A dream of colour and a lot of  Seventies – Design, this hotel is for sure to give you an idea of swinging Palm Springs.  1600 North Indian Canyon Drive Tel. 0866 588 8311.

Das Schlafzimmer im The Horizon Hotel.
A room in The Horizon Hotel.

The Horizon Hotel There are 22 rooms in the bungalows and I was thrilled by the charming architecture of the Alexanders. You have to live in to get the feeling of those famous Palm Springs holiday homes. The complex was designed 1952 by the architect  William Cody as family home for the  “Lassie”- producer Jack Warther.  After a time -consuming renovation it opened 2006 as hotel with a wonderful story behind. 1050 East Palm Canyon Drive, tel. 0760 323 1858.

Das Horizon Hotel stammt von dem Architekten William Cody.
The  Horizon Hotel was designed by William Cody.

Where to eat?

ein imposanter Kronleuchter im Restaurant Circa 59
an amazing  chandelier in the  Restaurant Circa 59

Circa 59  The Restaurant in the Hotel Riviera Palm Springs is well known for his american style – cuisine like steaks or grilled tuna. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kaum zu fassen. eine halbe Ente mit Serviettenknödel in der Wüste
hard to believe.  roasted  half duck eine halbe Ente in the desert

Johannes Restaurant  The Restaurant of Johannes Bacher in the center of Palm Spring is the best place for Gourmets. Raised in Austria, he is the most famous Chef in the Coachella Valley. On his menu you can find international and austrian dishes  like the half roasted duck or the Wiener Schnitzel or Cheese Spaetzeln. But to start you have to choose a martini, it is tradition in Palm Springs. 196 South Indian Canyon Drive, Tel. 0760 778 0017.

On North Palm Canyon Drive there are the nice shops. No problem to park your car and then into the amazing boutiques. Look out for the retro design.

noch ein paar chice Retro - Sessel in zartem Gelb, gesehen bei à la MOD
2 very nice retro chairs  in a soft yellow, shown at  à la MOD

 A La MOD  Exciting furniture from the Fifties to the Seventies und Sixties you can find in the spacious store of  James Claude und Miguel Linares.  For me it was simply a journey back to the days of my grandparents and parents. Wonderful quality and unforgettable design. 844 N Palm Canyon Drive, Tel. 0760 327 0707. 

in  Palm Springs gibt es viele Events für Vintage Outfit
in Palm Springs there are many events for Vintage Outfits

The Deja Vu Room  Who spends the holidays in an Alexander home, should be dressed properly.  Have a look into the Deja Vu Room of William Miller, an interior designer with a lot of fun for fashion.  He is offering the outfits of Forties to the Eighties.  664 North Palm Canyon Drive, Tel.0760 699 5395.

Eine chice Boutique mit Mode aus New York und Los Angeles
A boutique with fashion from New York and LA

Golf   There are more than 100 golf courses in Coachella Valley.

In Form einer Seerose ist der "Fountain" gebaut, ein Geschenk von Mitglied Walt Disney.
the Fountain is built like a  waterlily, a donation from member Walt Disney.

Indian Canyons Golf  Built 1961, Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney teed off here.  Two Courses (North and South) waiting for you with wonderful views to the mountains. Interesting as well for the fans of architecture, the  Club House was designed by Albert Frey. Along the freeways you see many residences in the new Mid Century Modern. 1097 East Murray Canyon Drive, Tel. 0760 833 8704.  Greenfee 99  – 125$.   

tolle Kulisse des Escena Golf Clubs.
tolle Kulisse des Escena Golf Clubs.

Escena Golf Resort One of the newly built Golf courses in Palm Springs with a nice club house and excellent facilities. As well like other golf courses in the US you find a big offer of residences, I personally like the Mid Century – Homes of the company  Altaverda. 1100 Clubhouse View Drive, Tel. 0760 778 2737.

a bit of culture besides Mid Century Modern

Das ist der Eingang zum Palm Springs Art Museum
That is the entrance of the Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Art Museum It did start 1938 with a small room and his name was Palm Springs Desert Museum. Finally  1975  the museum could move in his actual building. The collection has a lot of american art, mostly donations. But quite a few exhibitions are very ambitious. 101 North Museum Drive, Tel. 0760 322 4800. Open Tu- So 10am -5 pm.

man versteht auch viel Spass in Palm Springs

 There is a lot of fun in Palm Springs ! More Infos


Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
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