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SHA Wellness Klinik  Amazing location and an exceptional architecture, five independent buildings are connected with bridges. 93 suites, a spacious wellness with pools,  yoga exercising rooms and several relax zones. Above the little village El Albir the wellness clinic is sitting on top just at the border of the Sierra Helada Nature park and as a hotel guest you are looking at the sandy beaches of the coastal town Altea. Opened in 2008 it took a while to convince people of the concept but now the SHA Wellness Klinik is on the map.

Das elegante Ambiente der SHA-Klinik
the elegant SHA Wellness Clinic

Macrobiotics Behind those white walls they believe in natural healing methods in combination with eastern and western ideas of fitness.

Besonders gesund ist der Kukicha Tee
Kukicha Wig Tea

The modern macrobiotics got defined by the japanese philosopher Georges Oshawa with an impact on asian food and lifestyle. After the Second World War macrobiotics found a lot of follower in the New Age movement in US and England.  Michio Kushi  was one his students ( and adjusted the nutrition a bit to western standards: 50% whole grain, 25% vegetables, 13% bean and sea vegetables, a bit of fish. The cuisine of the SHA Wellness Clinic follows the ideas of Michio Kushi.  The one who’ has difficulties with this rather strict diet, there is the choice of more charming versions named Biolight or SHA.

How to get started ? Before you arrive  you have to fill out a rather detailed questionaire about health problems and your proper expectations.  The  SHA Wellness Clinic is specialised on detox, loss of weight, anti-aging and anti-stress and non smoking. While checking in you get an I pad with all the appointments, to click on the treatment will give you detailed informations.

How many days?  It should be 2 weeks or more to get the body adjusted to the different conditions. To get an idea of SHA  there is a SHA Feeling of  2 nights and SHA Discovery of 3 nights. Calle de Verderol, El Albir. Tel. 0966811199.

Das Frühstück kann aus Hirsebrei, einem Brownie und Erdbeerjoghurt bestehen.
The breakfast could be millet gruel, a brownie and a strawberry joghurt.

What do you eat?  The focus are the macrobiotics dishes, whereas the treatments support the detox of the body. In the Hotelrestaurant Shamadi they serve modern macrobiotics with asian traditions. The Chef Pablo Montoro knows how to present those dishes in a very delicoius way.

Polente - Dreiecke mit Sellerie und roten Bohnen
Polenta with celery and red beans.

SHA Academy  During your stay you can attend cookery classes about macrobiotics und lectures concerning a healthy lifestyle. You can go as well in the vegetable garden, where they are growing many of the ingredients.

So sieht gesundes Essen aus.
Healthy macrobiotics.

SHA Boutique In the little shop you find macrobiotics products, different sorts of teas,  the wonderful cosmetics of SHA as well as books, scented candles and some clothes.


What to do after the cure ?  On the website  you find the SHA Magazine with many suggestions for the daily life at home.

Excursions The Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination and it is easy to get there by the airports of Valencia and Alicante.

Es ist ein Spaziergang von  5 km hin und zurück zum Leuchtturm von Albir.
It is a walk of 5 kms to the lighthouse of El Albir.

The lighthouse of El Albir  It is a perfect morning walk from the entrance of  Sierra Helada Nature park to the lighthouse of El Albir.  The distance of 5 kms is easy to make and you will be rewarded with wonderful views. A lot of joggers are doing the route.

das sind die blauen Kuppeln der Kirche  von Altea.
the church of Altea has blue domes.

Altea  The coastal town has a wonderful atmosphere, specially the historical center. Because of the quite lively tourism  there are a lot of small boutiques, restaurants and Tapas-Bars. The landmark is the church Nuestra Senora del Consuelo with the domes of blue and white tiles.

Im Februar blüht es auf der Plaza de al Reina.
Plaza de la Reina in february.

Valencia This beautiful city is for sure worth a visit. You have to see the Art Nouveau market hall and will surprised by the overwhelming choice of vegetable, fruit, fish and the famous quite expensive jamon iberico.  If you feel hungry there is Central Bar, a tapas bar of  star chef  Ricard Camarena.

Hier hängt der berühmte Jamon iberico, gut und sehr teuer.
Here you see a choice of the famous jamon iberico.

Golf  Quite near to the SHA Wellness Clinc there are some golf courses where you can play all year round.

Dieser Golfplatz wurde von Jack Nicklaus entworfen und verlangt einen erfahrenen Spieler
The Golf Course  Villaitana Levante is designed by Jack Nicklaus and needs an experienced player.

Villaitana Near Benidorm you find 2  golf courses. Villaitana Levante is designed by Jack Nicklaus.  Wide fairways,  many bunkers and challenging greens. The other course, Poniente, leads into a  pine valley with wonderful views to the mountains and the sea. Avenida Alcalde Eduardo Zaplana 7, Benidorm Tel. 0966813013. Greenfee 50-65 €.

Dieser Golfplatz bietet einen herrlichen Blick auf das Meer
this golf course offers nice views to the Sea.

Don Cayo Golfclub Just a stone’s throw away from the SHA Wellness Clinic, in the backcountry of Altea  you find the golf course Don Cayo. Opened in 1974 , the holes 5  (Par 5) and 6 (Par 3) are quite challenging whereas  hole 3 offers an wonderful view to the Sea. Sierra Altea Golf, Altea la Vella. Tel. 096 5848046. Greenfee 48€.

ein grandioser Blick von der SHA Wellness Klinik auf das Küstengebirge und Altea
an amazing view from SHA Wellness Clinic to the coastal mountains and the town of Altea
Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
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