Maui – best place for surfers

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Das ist die faszinierende Kraterlandschaft des Haleakala
an amazing scenery  at Haleakala crater

Haleakala Krater Maui is a hotspot for surfers but nevertheless the island has to offer a wonderful volcanic scenery and a real must is the landscape of craters at the Haleakala Nationalpark.  The best light will in the very morning or during sunset while the rest of the day there will a lot of clouds. The distance from the city of  Kahului is about 60miles but the road is very winding so you need at least 1h 30′ to get there. Entrance fee: 5 $


Besonders die Smoothies sind im Mambo Café zu empfehlen.
The  Smoothies are worth a try at Mambo Café.

Many surfers from all parts of the world are waiting at Ho’okipa Beach,near the little village of  Pa’ia, for the monster waves. Here you have the famous  North Swell which makes this corner of Maui so exciting for bold surfers. When the sea is calm, everyone meets up on Baldwin Avenue  with its coffeeshops as Mambo Café, or looking for surfing gear.

das ist die chice Mode von Letarte.
wonderful beach fashion by  Letarte.

Letarte Swimwear  The little wooden house is the home of Letarte, showing beach – and swimwear.  The person behind is Lisa Cabrinha,  am ambitious surfer and she is doing her own design for 15 years now.  Her sister, working as a broker in New York, looks after the marketing aspects. In her nice boutique,  resembling more the inside of  a boat with the wooden walls and ceiling you see the art pieces of her husband Pete Cabrinha. He is a famous as a “big wave -surfer” but today he is more interested in his paintings and photos.  Sometimes you see his unusual prints on the swimwear of Letarte. 29 Baldwin Av.,  Tel. 808 579 6022. Open Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6.30 pm,  Sund 10am  -6pm.

Inside the boutique Letarte

Tamara Catz  Being born in Argentina and lived in a art colony for a long time Tamara Catz makes fashion for the easy lifestyle on Hawaii. She met her husband, a surf champion as well and after a lot of travelling they are living in Pa’ia. For 15  years  Tamara has her own collection and  opened a boutique in 2005. 83 Hana Highway Paia Tel. 808 579 9184.

Das ist der lässige Stil von Tamara Catz.
Beachwear designed by  Tamara Catz.

Organic Ocean Vodka  For centuries sugar cane is cultivated on the hills of the Haleakala crater. In 2005  Shay Smith presented his vodka,  which is distilled from organic sugar cane. In his bright blue bottle nowadays you can get  Organic Ocean Vodka everywhere in the US and some parts of Asia. As really important ingredient for the famous “Bloody Mary” many visitors of Hawaii enjoy it.

one of the drinks with Organic Ocean Vodka
one of the drinks with Organic Ocean Vodka

The distillery is located near to the airport of  Kahalui. Who is interested in the production can make a guided tour at 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30 pm.  A tasting is included in the tour.  10$. 4051 Omaopio Road, Kula. Open daily  9.30am – 5pm. Tel. 808 877 0009

Lounge im Hotel Andaz Hyatt
Lounge at Andaz Hyatt Hotel

Wailea  At the nice part of east coast of Maui named Wailea you find all the international hotels. Each one with park and pools, many guest don’t into the sea because it is too rough. Along the beach you have a promenade in the morning it is running path for the joggers and in the evening people enjoy a stroll after dinner.

Die Pool-Landschaft des Hotel Hyatt Anlass
the pool scenery of the Andaz Hyatt hotel.

A new concept can be seen at the Andaz Hyatt Hotel.  They have three pools going down to the sea like a staircase and that likes very stylish. The hotel has  3 restaurants,  besides the renowned japanese Morimoto you should go to Ka’ana Kitchen. Here they are using mainly  local products local products from the nearby Ka’ana Farm and as well the interior design remembers of mother’s kitchen.  Worth a visit is the spa, the space with the reception looks like a pharmacy with cupboards and loads of drawers. Indeed they are mixing the ingredients for the treatment and could be ordered by the hotel guest later on. 3550 Wailea Alaun Drive, Tel. 808 573 1234.  www.maui

1873 gepflanzt, hat sich der Bayan Tree heute zum Wahrzeichen entwickelt.
1873 gepflanzt, hat sich der Bayan Tree heute zum Wahrzeichen entwickelt.

Lahaina  There is as well an interesting past on Maui and very proudly they show the former kings court of king Kamehameha I.  Today the official buildings are mostly museums  as the  Old Courthouse or the home of the doctor Baldwin.

Lahaina - das ehemalige Gerichtsgebäude

The center of the historical Lahaina is the huge Bayan Tree.  On boats of the whalers the first chinese came to the island,  settled down and had a quite lively community .  The amazing  “Road to Hana” on the north coast of  Maui was built by them, 80 miles with 54 bridges.

the amazing north coast with the Road to Hana.
the amazing north coast with the Road to Hana.
Das frühere Kulturhaus der örtlichen Chinesen ist heute ein Museum ihrer Geschichte.
today the former community house of the local chinese is a museum of her history.


Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
Edvard Munch
Der Tod ist pechschwarz, aber die Farben sind hell. Als Maler muss man mit Lichtstrahlen arbeiten.
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